Making the Most of the IdeaWall

July 15, 2016 Published by

Customer feedback is the driving force for positive change in your company. Properly listening to customer feedback means keeping your priorities in order: who stands to benefit the most? In the game of customer feedback, the customer does. Ensuring that you and your team approach a feedback scenario with…

Your Brand, Your Relationship

July 14, 2016 Published by

When a company creates their brand, it’s often viewed as a necessary move from a corporate point of view to improve upon numbers and appearance. It’s true that the creation of a brand, and its continued development, does have a large effect on the sales you can drive for…

Ways to Engage

July 10, 2016 Published by

Building an online community is a slow process, and one that requires a lot of input. The upside of this effort is that when you have a solid, reliable, interactive community to rely upon, the positive impact on your company will spread across many areas: you’ll see higher feedback…