Social Media: The New Feedback Frenzy

June 15, 2016 Published by

Facebook, and similar social media outlets, have become a hotbed for honest, reliable feedback from your customers. On a by-and-large scale, the curious thing about Facebook feedback is that its base of users are not normally the type to complete customer feedback surveys. Not only are you able to…

Celebrate Independence

June 10, 2016 Published by


Your employees are your company’s biggest support system. With a strong employee satisfaction regimen, comes a strong business. So what is it that your workers need in order to succeed? The question has a good number of answers. A healthy work/life balance is important, as well as providing an…

Walking in Your Customers’ Shoes

June 9, 2016 Published by

As a business, usually have the basics of customer service down before you even kickoff the products for the first time. Having a powerful customer service solution on your side, in-taking tickets and resolving concerns, and setting up a multi-channel system are almost a given when you start to…

Employee Satisfaction

June 2, 2016 Published by

The physical, mental, and emotional status of your employees has a huge effect on your company. To make a successful company is to prioritize the success of its employees. One of the most important aspects of ensuring your employees’ satisfaction is to value their time and opinions.

Anyone who…